About The Author

Putting all the pieces together

Felicia Harris is the creator and author of The Makings of Me keepsake book. She has a love for writing and creating new ideas. This book was created to allow herself and others the opportunity to share their knowledge, life experiences and legacy with those who will be grateful in knowing them. Others such as our children, spouses, nieces, nephews, partners, grandchildren and even siblings.


The Makings of Me:
Everything I Am, Everything I Stand For

by Felicia Harris

The Makings of Me is a guided, fill-in-the-blank memory book that allows the buyer to record personal memories, events, messages, photos and history based on their own lives to pass on to loved ones as a keepsake. By completing this book your legacy will live on. You will be able to pass on advice as well as family traditions and heartfelt messages to those close to you. The Makings of Me is your only way to let others know the Makings of You.

With thousands of copies sold, The Makings of Me book is the perfect gift for weddings, family reunions, birthdays, baby showers and more.

Testimonials & Reviews


Sheik Moore

“The makings of me book allowed me the opportunity to ask and record information I would of never considered knowing or sharing. I was able to find out and preserve dates, places, names and details that would have eventually been forgotten or never known by my children as they got older. It is a great gift for any reason or season and very affordable.”

Shannon Milton

“I purchased this book for my mom for Mother’s Day and her reaction was priceless. I shared the emotional video with the author Mrs. Felicia Harris. My mom couldn’t stop crying. Once I explained it to her she just felt so overwhelmed. It makes a great gift. I love unique gifts that have meaning and purpose. This is definitely that gift.”

Ramona Archibald

“With the recent passing of my friends mother I realized how important knowing about someone’s past truly is prior to having to write their obituary. The makings of me book is the perfect book to do that with and at the same time create a memorable bonding experience.Thank you for creating something so special. I can’t wait to share it with everyone else I Know.”

Eric Manning

“I ordered my copy and started completing it already. I am so humbled. It brought back so many memories, some happiness and sadness but blessed energy. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if I didn’t experience all I’ve gone through. This book made me think about my school days, all my pets, my children and my grands, and the beautiful people that I’ve met. I’m loving this book. Like the television commercial says ‘you have to get your own.'”

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